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Our 5 stage recycling process:

"Caring for you and our planet"

Stage 1 : Collect Mattress
  • Mattresses and ensembles can be dropped off at one of our recycling depots.

  • Mattresses and ensembles can be collected. Charges may apply.

  • Mattresses and ensembles not suitable for recycling may attract a transportation collection fee.

Stage 2 : Inspect and Check Mattress


  • All mattresses and ensembles are inspected and checked before recycling. Mattresses that do not meet our stringent recycling process are then sent to another to location for disposal.

  • Mattress/Ensemble Spring units are checked for tensile strength and excessive depressions.

  • Cover and Overlays are checked for excessive moisture and sanitary condition. If mattresses are found to be wet or have excessive blood and urine cannot be recycled for reuse.

Stage 3 : Sanitize Mattress


  • All mattress/ensemble are treated with high pressure dry steam cleaner to a minium temperature of 60 degrees Celsius killing all harmful bacteria and bugs.

Stage 4 : Refurbish Mattress


  • Mattress/Ensembles covered in new quilted high quality durable fabrics combined with Dunlop Ultra Fresh Treated Peel Foam* which is strong and durable to protect against dust mites and other potentially harmful bacteria.

  • Mattress/Ensembles comfort Layers are made from Ultra Fresh Treated Foam* by Dunlop Foams which conform to your body shape for comfort and support providing a restful nights sleep.

  • Mattress/Ensembles does not contain all new materials

  • The base has brand new castors fitted, which are designed to withstand everyday rigors.

Stage 5: Mattress Ready for Reuse


  • Mattress/Ensembles are now subject to our quality control process and are checked for any faults that may arise from our manufacturing recycling process.

  • Mattresses/ Ensembles are bagged in recycled plastic bags protecting the finished product from dust, moisture and damage, ready to be shipped outfor purchase to one of our manysupporters of our recycling programme.

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